1》 a method, style, or manner of doing something.
    ↘the typical manner in which someone behaves or in which something happens.
    ↘formal or Scottish a person's occupation or line of business.
2》 [in place names] a road, track, path, or street.
    ↘a route or means taken in order to reach, enter, or leave a place.
    ↘the route along which someone or something is travelling or would travel if unobstructed: Martin blocked her way.
    ↘a specified direction.
    ↘(one's way) used with a verb and adverbial phrase to intensify the force of an action or to denote movement or progress: I shouldered my way to the bar.
    ↘forward motion or momentum of a ship or boat through water.
3》 the distance in space or time between two points.
4》 informal a particular area or locality: I was down your way last night.
5》 a particular aspect of something.
    ↘a specified condition or state.
6》 (ways) parts into which something divides or is divided.
7》 (ways) a sloping structure down which a new ship is launched.
adverb informal at or to a considerable distance or extent (used before an adverb or preposition for emphasis).
chiefly N. Amer. much.
US informal really (used for emphasis). [shortening of away.]
across (Brit. also over) the way nearby, especially on the opposite side of the street.
by the way incidentally.
by way of
1》 via.
2》 as a form of.
3》 by means of.
come one's way happen or become available to one.
get (or have) one's (own) way get or do what one wants in spite of opposition.
give way
1》 yield.
2》 (of a support or structure) be unable to carry a load or withstand a force and collapse or break.
3》 Brit. allow someone or something to be or go first.
4》 (give way to) be replaced or superseded by.
go all (or the whole) way informal have full sexual intercourse with someone.
go out of one's way make a special effort to do something.
go one's own way act independently or as one wishes, especially against contrary advice.
go one's way
1》 (of events, circumstances, etc.) be favourable to one.
2》 leave.
have a way with have a particular talent for dealing with or ability in.
have a way with one have a charming and persuasive manner.
have one's way with humorous have sex with.
in a way (or in some ways or in one way) to a certain extent.
in no way not at all.
lead the way go first along a route to show someone the way.
↘be a pioneer.
my way or the highway N. Amer. informal said to assert the view that there is no alternative (apart from leaving) but to accept the speaker's opinions or policies.
one way and another taking most aspects into account.
one way or the other (or one way and another) used to indicate that something is the case for any of various reasons.
↘by some means.
↘whichever of two given alternatives is the case.
on the (or its) way about to arrive or happen.
on the (or one's) way out informal
1》 going out of fashion or favour.
2》 dying.
the other way round (or around; Brit. also about) in the opposite position or direction.
↘the opposite of what is expected or supposed.
out of the way
1》 (of a place) remote.
2》 dealt with or finished.
    ↘(of a person) no longer an obstacle to someone's plans.
3》 [usu. with negative] unusual or exceptional.
that way euphemistic homosexual.
way back (also way back when) informal long ago.
the way of the Cross
1》 the journey of Jesus to the place of his crucifixion.
2》 the suffering and self-sacrifice of a Christian.
the way of the world the manner in which people typically behave or things typically happen.
ways and means the methods and resources for achieving something.
way to go N. Amer. informal used to express pleasure, approval, or excitement.
OE weg, of Gmc origin, from a base meaning 'move, carry'.

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